5 Seasons Honeymoon Belgian Style Golden

Brejas 26 de Agosto de 2013
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Álcool (%)
5% ABV
Brewed for the wedding season! It is gold in color, smooth with a wonderful fruitiness and light spiciness from the yeast. Fermented honey (mead) was traditionally served at weddings. The newlyweds were to drink it for a month (a full moon cycle) following their wedding to ensure having a baby. That’s where the word “honeymoon” comes from. We added honey to the brew to add that nice character and it also lightens the body of the beer. The base malt is a barley variety from Scotland and all of the legendary single malt Scotches are made from it. There is no better barley in the world. A wedding vow is basically a “golden promise”, right? One other grain in there is called Naked Oats. Hey, it’s a wedding night, no need to explain that one. The hops are Centennial. The traditional Italian toast is “cent’anni”, or 100 years. And lastly, the yeast is originally from a monastery called Chimay. The pronunciation is “she may”. When you ask a girl to marry you she may or she may not.

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